The look of wood on a yacht or boat says a lot about the boat. The beauty of wood directly effects its look and beauty, nothing compares to the warmth that wood imparts.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat has been involved in all aspects of wood construction and repair of yachts, from rough carpentry to final fit and finish. We can install and repair bulkheads and modular cabinetry with either paint or veneered finish. We can make and repair many individual wood components like handrails, doors, tables and trim. Cape Fear Yacht and Boat can perform sole replacements and installs with many different materials like teak and holly, plywood laminates, or vinyls (Lonseal).

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat can also provide you with interior and exterior varnishing service. Whether it is toe rail varnishing or complete interior varnish work, Cape Fear Yacht and Boat can make your woodwork look like new.