Cape Fear Yacht and Boat can repair and install most mechanical and electrical systems on today’s yachts.

We install and repair Bilge, Black, Grey and Fresh water systems, with their respective pumps, hoses, switches, thru hulls and tanks. We can make custom FRP tanks for unusual locations. Cape Fear Yacht and Boat  installs and repairs systems related to propulsion systems and steering, including fuel lines, filtration, steering linkages, and struts. We do not service or repair inboard or outboard engines. We recommend that engine service is performed by a certified engine specialist. We can recommend several excellent companies in the area.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat can perform repair and installation of AC and DC electrical systems. We can complete services from basic electrical hookups all the way to complete boat rewiring.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat performs all work to ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council ) standards. If there is a job we cannot perform  we will be honest about it and point you in the right direction to get it repaired.