Cape Fear Yacht and Boat specializes in the repair and construction of fiberglass parts and boats. We have constructed FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Plastic) boats from the ground up, along with many FRP boat parts. We have constructed  FRP tanks, head enclosures, boxes, dorade boxes, fridge enclosures, iceboxes, hatch surrounds, electronics enclosures, bow sprites, hatches and more.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat understands the proper use of polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins, along with different weights of fiberglass fabrics. We are proficient in the use of a variety of core materials including foam and fiber reinforcement board using vacuum bagging and hand layup.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat has been involved in many different FRP repairs in highly critical boat applications. We have done transom, sole and stringer replacements and keel and centerline bonding failures. We have repaired boats from hurricane and grounding damage ( including repairing to new condition one sailboat that had a dock piling rammed through hull and deck from storm surge). All of these repairs where in critical load areas and require a high level of attention to detail to make sure the repair is as good as new or stronger.

Cape Fear Yacht and Boat takes pride in its fiberglass construction and repair work. We believe in the proper way to use these materials and DO NOT subscribe to the old adage ” slap some glass on it”.